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JAMB Adds Two New Subjects To 2022 UTME Candidates

JAMB Adds Two New Subjects To 2022 UTME Candidates. Details are as follows:

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JAMB Adds Two New Subjects To 2022 UTME Candidates

JAMB Adds Two New Subjects To 2022 UTME Candidates

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has added Physical and health education and computer studies into next year’s UTME.

This means that candidate will now be writing 4 Subjects in 2022 UTME.

According to JAMB,  the two subjects would help to widen opportunities for candidates so that they can access tertiary education.

Please note that Use of English is compulsory for all UTME candidates.

Registrar of JAMB, Prof Is- haq Oloyede said this during an interview with reporters after receiving an award of excellence from the Education Correspondents Association of Nigeria (ECAN).

The registrar also said the Board was working to clear the backlog of illegal admissions conducted by tertiary education institutions in the country.

Oloyede said the decision is to rescue students who have the requisite qualifications but were admitted illegally.

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  1. Usman usman dugubi


  2. With the addition of the 2 subjects will the total score still be 400

  3. Pls the two subject that was added is it for science or…. Is it compulsory for all students

  4. Thank you so much

  5. Computer studies I can understand since IT is taking over the world but physical and health Education I don’t Gerrit

  6. What courses where added??

  7. Does science student have anything to do with physical and health Education

  8. What about the syllabus of the newly added subjects sir

  9. Pls sir for those writing English language are those subjects compulsory?

  10. Pls sir for those studying English language are those subjects compulsory?

  11. But sir,
    do you think that universities will increase their cut off mark?

  12. Please sir will the give us extra time for the added subjects

  13. Please sir will the give us extra time for the added subjects

  14. You are side tracking some questions. Some students don’t offer PHE and Computer in school, how do they cover it for the exams that are just about four to five months away.

    • Honestly speaking this is just my problem, I only did computer science in ss1 first term and it was cancelled in Mt school coz of no teacherfo it and most importantly no equipment for practicals, and PHE! I just don’t get that one, it’s the Juniors and primary subject, this is really crazy and I don’t know how we are going to start studying to cover up the topics, let’s wait and see the syllabus first. I pray we see past questions for the prep🙏

  15. Pls sir are those subject compulsory and will school increase their cut off mark?

  16. Honestly, am still in bafflement on this issue. Has it really be confirmed that students will now be writing six subjects henceforth ? Pls help me out so that I should know the dimension to take to read my books.

  17. If so..then how many marks will a subject carry??

  18. Please sir, how about those that did not offer computer in secondary school, how are they going to do it


    please sir this will be very difficult for us oo, who are science students , I cant even remember the last time I saw the name of that subject oo. For me i wish they remove this plan of adding more subjects to the exiting ones ooo since their syllabuls are not available yet.

  20. what of those that are not studying and computer science in school

  21. what of those that are not studying PHE and
    computer science in school

  22. Sir, so Jamb now has 3compulsory subjects Right?

  23. Has this been made official ?!

  24. Has it been made official ?

  25. Sir these courses are componsor?y

  26. Sir what of students that has nt been doing physical and health education and computer in their secondary schools.
    What will be their outcome

  27. Fredrick Chigozie David

    Sir pls when will Jamb State

  28. What of people that do not offer the additional 2 subjects

  29. you guy did not find something profitable to do, the best thing you could think of is to add two more subjects to jamb. i feel like the two other slots for subjects should be chosen by candidates and not imposed on them. not putting into consideration those who have no knowledge on these subjects. And even if they must add the two subjects, give us an early heads up, not few months to the exam and the syllabus isnt out. see how irresponsible JAMB is . Absolute nonsense.

    • This is not really fair at all .when it is few months to the exam that is when u guys know that u will add two subjects. What nonsense

  30. Hmm….like seriously this two newly added subjects should not be Mandatory
    Subject that has been Abandoned for years now, most especially PHE
    I wonder how science students will go with this
    No assurance of attaining high score…

  31. Please bro ofa joseph how are you going to help us or advise us on this subjects sir

  32. I don’t have that have this in my exam

  33. I do not understand
    Is it dat jamb has added d subjects to d compulsory time subjects or what

  34. Agada Chibunna miracle

    What about the art students are they going to write physics

  35. Wow!!! That’ll be good but hope the score wasn’t changed?

  36. Sir pls what of the marking scheme for the newly added subjects?

  37. Please I don’t understand oo
    What if you want to study medicine and surgery but you don’t offer computer, what will you write please and is this information authentic?
    I want a link to JAMB official website where they gave this information

  38. So like this! like this!, we are going back to junior school. Because, i left PHE in jss3 ,as for computer in ss1 first term . where should I start from


  39. Why should the subjects added, it means that the scores will increase but I see no reason in adding the two subjects to the recent ones. And also considering the computer science I can accept that one but I disagree with the physical and health education.

  40. U guys,just chi ,they may not effect them this year, u no,let make check and balance last two session NIN was introduce ,u no guys but because of it was late ,so they decide to effect it well 2021/22 session hopefully they may not effect they this year and they later decide for them to be optional okey guys, so just chi and pray for best ,so that you will no better when the forms shall have been release .ARIGHT guys wish u guys gook luck and to find favour in all.SO JUST RELAX FIRST ,so that the should be relase first, and for science student just study your phy,chem,bio,maths,and english very well and relax for the form okey guys

  41. How will jamb be marked now. I.e over what

    • U guys are heartless how do u expect us to cope with the newly added subject (PHE) and worst of all no syllabus yet for it

  42. Sorry sir, so the subject combination for medicine – English, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, P.H.E and Computer?

  43. Please this is unfair jamb is two months away and you people newly brought this I mean what bout those who didnt offer that in secondary school especially art students its not fair at all have you people considered those who had to wait due to off age what bout those who have been failing due to no subjected time and those who have exams fear ……. The Registrar really made a bad decision bout this two subject if they think they are helping us you re wrong ta only trying to subjugates matters I mean hearing this news really made me petrified its not write you guys need to think it true

  44. Sir is maths a compulsory subject for all the curses?

  45. Please,are the two recently added subjects also compulsory as Use of English for every candidate?

  46. This isn’t really fair…..those jamb people they dont consider the students at all, even the 4 subjects we are writing some still dont know how to go about it…..even if they want to add some subject it shouldnt be computer of all subect….i stop taking that subjet since jss2 second term bcus there is no teacher for it..i dont think this is fair…..i hope they reconsider

  47. Kwaghtser Teryila Emmanuel

    Does that mean we will now write six subjects in jamb this year?

  48. Kwaghtser Teryila Emmanuel

    Does that mean we will now write six subjects in jamb this year?

  49. Kwaghtser Teryila Emmanuel

    Does that mean we will now write six subjects in jamb this year?

  50. Kwaghtser Teryila Emmanuel

    Does that mean we will now write six subjects in jamb this year?

  51. With the two subject added. Will the total score still be 400

  52. Pls I need pass questions on PHE and computer for jamb

  53. As someone that want to study nursing can u choose physical and health edu in place of any subject apart from english

  54. So how much subject are we going to take next year

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